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SwiftUI UIKit – part2: embed SwiftUI in UIViewController

In a previous post , I was showing you how to embed a UIViewController into a SwiftUI view. For this example, I used a map view, touching some of the basic functionality of MapKit as well. In this article, I will try the opposite exercise: embed SwiftUI into a ViewController and call it inside other View Controller. Apple made it very simple to combine SwiftUI and UiKit. In this way, a developer can use existing UiKit functionality, controls and view controllers in SwiftUI views. And vice versa, your shiny brand new SwiftUI view can be called from UIView controller. If you remember the previous post, I was showing you an example of a search bar and a map view. Whenever a search was performed, if at least one relevant item was found, a pin was added to the list. But what if there are multiple results? Well, in this case, I want to show a view displaying all those results, to let my user select which one he or she actually intended to search for. And the one that is selected will be a